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We are a community of people who believe that a culture of equity, diversity, and inclusion off the court is as important as our play on it.

We believe differences in ability, age, ethnicity, gender, race, religion, sexual orientation, or socio-economic status should not differentiate how people are treated: with kindness, with compassion, and with respect.
We believe that listening is as important as speaking. We will not hesitate to take action, and we will do so intentionally, focused on change.

We are empowered.
We are determined to learn, to lead, and to love.
We are all human.
We are the Toronto Raptors.

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Drive Social Impact by demonstrating community leadership and empowering marginalized groups.

Mission Statement:
To champion a culture of equity by standing against all forms of racism and hate with an intentional focus on intersectionalities within Black and Indigenous communities.

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Equitable Workplace
Drive Social Impact by demonstrating community leadership and empowering marginalized groups.

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Truth Through Education
Champion Workforce Intersectionality by leading in embracing and valuing all identities in a world-class workforce.

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Ensure Partnership Accountability by evaluating all partnerships to make certain that stakeholders align with our mission and values.

The Raptors Hold Space for the National Basketball Youth Mentorship Program as Founder and President, Kevin Wilson joins Savanna Hamilton to speak about the program and why mentorship is important. The mentorship program is a free program that youth can sign up for at any time at www.nbymp.ca.

NBA Deputy Commissioner Mark Tatum, On The Responsibility of Representation
Hold Space is where we hold space for important conversations as Savanna Hamilton speaks with NBA Deputy Commissioner Mark Tatum about his Asian heritage, the NBA taking a stand on Asian racism and why representation matters.
The Wayne & Theresa Embry Fellowship
The Wayne and Theresa Embry Fellowship provides two Canadians the opportunity to gain firsthand experience in a professional basketball operations environment. The Raptors commit to granting at least one of the fellowship opportunities to an individual who identifies as part of a marginalized and/or racialized group.
Northern Reflections: Jamaal Magloire is committed to the fight for racial justice.
Northern Reflections is a series celebrating and profiling the Raptors and their staff during Black History Month. Raptors Assistant Coach Jamaal Magloire speaks on his responsibility to educate and support youth and the importance of racial justice as a Black Canadian.