Joy SpearChief-Morris, a proud member of the Kainai Blood Tribe in Alberta, is not only an Indigenous and African American journalist but also a former Team Canada hurdler and sprinter. Growing up in Lethbridge and now living in Ottawa, SpearChief-Morris has excelled on the track and in her career as a writer. She's most proud of being a role model for young Indigenous youth in sports, showcasing that they too can achieve at the highest levels. Notable accomplishments include her achievements in athletics (including winning the 2017 Tom Longboat Award), contributing to the visibility of Indigenous athletes in Canada.

SpearChief-Morris sees the importance of recognizing Indigenous stories alongside other sports heroes. Even though she's transitioned from athletics to journalism, SpearChief-Morris continues to inspire the next generation of Indigenous athletes, encouraging them to pursue their dreams, no matter where they come from. As she puts it:
The more we can see ourselves in arenas, on fields, and in stadiums achieving, the more of us there will be in the future.