Michael Linklater is a retired professional and national team basketball player who was ranked number one in FIBA 3x3 in Canada. Despite not being very tall, he takes pride in his exceptional work ethic— a key factor in helping him accomplish all his goals. A community leader and advocate, Linklater's culture is very important to him. He believes that Indigenous people are naturally gifted athletes, with many untold stories of remarkable feats and overcoming tremendous obstacles.

For him, sport is life, and he emphasizes the profound impact it has on everyone, especially those who actively participate. Beyond his athletic achievements, Linklater is dedicated to living a good life, leading by example, and sharing his acquired knowledge with the next generation of Indigenous athletes. His encouragement revolves around instilling pride in their identity and heritage. As Michael states:
I do my best to live a good life, leading by example and taking the time to share all of the knowledge I have acquired with the next generation of indigenous athletes. Encouraging them to be proud of who they are and where they come from.