Mike Tanton is a dedicated coach, mentor, and youth advocate, whose identity goes beyond the basketball court—he is a devoted husband and father. What sets him apart is not just his excellence as a basketball athlete but his commitment to building programs that benefit both Indigenous and non-Indigenous athletes of the next generation. Tanton takes pride in celebrating the legacy of Indigenous athletes, recognizing the importance of surpassing previous levels of success and setting new goals.

For him, sport evolved from being in a circle of positive friends in his youth to a space for self-confidence and a mental escape. As an adult, sport is a means for him to give back, sharing his knowledge with the next generation. His passion has led to the creation of impactful programs like the Living Skies Indigenous Basketball League, Supernova Club basketball teams, and Team Saskatchewan NAIG, which extend beyond sports to include cultural and educational workshops and, fostering holistic development for youth. Tanton sums it up:
Sport is the fire that pushes me to build programs for those youth that need sport in their life… completing the circle.