Tom Longboat (Gagwe:gih) was born on July 4, 1886. He is an Onondaga distance runner from Six Nations of the Grand River and stands as a trailblazer in Canadian sports history. Renowned as the first Indigenous person to conquer the 1907 Boston Marathon in record time, and a participant in the London 1908 Olympic Games, Longboat's innovative training methods continue to inspire athletes today. His enduring legacy is etched in Canada's Sports Hall of Fame, the Indian Hall of Fame, and the Canadian Olympic Hall of Fame.

Longboat's story transcends mere athletic triumphs; it is a testament to his character. While winning the Boston Marathon elevated him to national hero status, he remained authentic, facing challenges with an unwavering focus on peace, strength, and a good mind. Reflecting on his journey, Longboat noted:
Life is not always about running smooth; sometimes, you have to navigate rough paths with the wind in your face.
Tom Longboat's impact extends beyond his individual achievements, contributing to the broader narrative of Indigenous athletes—quick, tough, skilled, resilient, and talented. His story imparts valuable life lessons: decide what you want, work toward it, balance routine and change, and embrace flexibility with time. Longboat's journey shows that meaningful pursuits involve chasing dreams throughout life. Tom Longboat died on January 9, 1949 but his legacy continues to inspire Canadians and Indigenous communities across the country and world.